Snowmaking in Vysočina Arena

29. 12. 2014

Premises of Vysočina Arena during snowmaking closed

Due to the launch of snowmaking system, the entire Arena will be closed until further notice. It is now forbidden to enter the stadium nor the race tracks.

Biatlon NMNM

29. 12. 2014

Czech Biathlon Cup on 3.-4. January in Vysočina Arena confirmed

Favourable conditions and the possibility of artificial snow production brought a positive message for event organizers in Vysočina Arena and also the biathletes themselves.

23. 12. 2014

First events of the season in Vysočina Arena cancelled

Due to lack of snow and current warm weather the first events of the season scheduled in Vysočina Arena were cancelled. Cross country skiing race and also the Czech Biathlon Cup, which both should take place at the end of the year had to be cancelled. Warm weather with occasional rain also prevented the production of artificial snow.

12. 12. 2014

Temperature rise stopped the snow cannons

Production of artificial snow had to be stopped because of the warm weather. Current supplies don't even last enough to create a circuit with a minimum length of 1.5 km. The season highlight  in Vysočina Arena - the BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup is not in danger, as long as it starts in nearly two months, but the previous events scheduled before and after Christmas are certainly unsafe.


9. 12. 2014

Snow cannons turned ON

Long waiting for the first frost, which would allow the production of artificial snow, ended on Monday at two o’clock in the morning. At that moment the organizers gradually initiated the work of eighteen snow cannons. The temperature was close to three degrees below zero, which is not quite ideal weather. But regards to the slow beginning of winter there is no time for needless waiting.

Relay: Start!

19. 11. 2014


The IBU inspection November took place in the Vysočina Arena already before the start of this year’s World Cup series on Friday 7th November.  One of the results was the confirmation of the World Cup premiere event that will be hosted in Nové Město na Moravě – the Single Mixed Relay. "To be awarded with the organization of the event is great honour to us. This way the International Union appreciated our organization as well as the excellent results of the Czech biathletes in the discipline,” commented the World Cup’s chief of competition Vlastimil Jakeš at a press conference.


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