Vysočina Arena covered by snow

30. 1. 2015

Abundant snowing helped to make the Arena cosier

A week before the start of the opening World Cup race the winter atmosphere finally showed up. Vysočina Arena was given around ten to fifteen centimeters of new snow and the temperatures dropped colder.

Mixed Relay Start

29. 1. 2015

First competition day in Nové Město will be super-attractive

Severely attractive contest will be served to all spectators in the Arena and by the TV screens during the first World Cup race in Nové Město. On Friday at 15:10 will start the Single Mixed Relay. In fact, it is scheduled in the official World Cup programme for the very firts time! A year ago, spectators in Holmenkollen, Oslo saw this type of contest as the last race of the season. But as a matter of fact, this event is definitely not a novelty. Since 2002, this attractive concept is regularly held after the Christmas holidays in the Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. A new discipline was recently also part of the program during the biathlon exhibition in Moscow.

WC 2015 - press conference

21. 1. 2015

Biathlon tickets are selling like hot cakes, the Arena will be sold out

Only three hundred tickets for Sunday's program remained on sale for Round 7 of this year's Biathlon World Cup, which is scheduled on February 6-8 in Vysočina Arena, Nové Město na Moravě. A shopping spree started just after the New Year. It was generated by excellent results of the Czech Biathlon Team, whose members are increasingly emerging on the podium.

Map of the region

15. 1. 2015

Shuttle service for the Biathlon World Cup

Shuttle buses will transport the spectators from remote parking areas in Maršovice, Nové Město na Moravě, Žďár nad Sázavou and also from the direction of Fryšava.


15. 1. 2015


We have prepared more detailed instructions on how to select the best sector on the grandstands when buying tickets for the Biathlon World Cup in Vysočina Arena. Vacancies are gradually disappearing and for some days there are currently available tickets only for sectors D2 and E.

Vysočina Arena

2. 1. 2015

Czech Biathlon Cup opens the season in Vysočina Arena

Two Sprint races in Biathlon will open the season in Vysočina Arena this upcoming weekend. An unexpected warmth canceled the Cross-Country event scheduled on of December and subsequent three-day Biathlon race SCM Open. But since the weather chaned it's mind, the season can now finally begin.


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