Press conference one month before the race

28. 4. 2015

In less than a month starts the UCI MTB World Cup 2015. It will be launched in Nové Město!


Only a month lasts until the first starting shot of this year’s MTB World Cup which will be held in Nové Město na Moravě. Organizing team revealed several pieces of news, which can be awaited by the competitors as well as spectators.

Birell Bike Vysočina Marathon

10. 3. 2015

Registration for public XC marathon and MTB Night Race was launched!

This year's MTB World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě is knocking on your door! There are 2 public sport events inseparably bound to this occasion - classic MTB Marathon BIRELL Bike Vysočina at 53 KM and a unique evening MTB race on the floodlit biathlon circuit - TOI TOI MTB Night Race! Registration for these two events has just started...

In the finish line

8. 2. 2015

Second NMNM Victory for Jakov Fak

Jakov Fak of Slovenia led from start to finish in taking his second victory in a row here in Nove Mesto na Morave. He covered the 12.5K pursuit in 37:24.9, with one penalty. Germany's Simon Schempp finished second also with one penalty, 4.4 seconds back, while Martin Fourcade of France finished third, shooting clean, 13.3 seconds back. Fourth went to Ukraine's Sergey Semenov, who shot clean 20.3 seconds back while Canada's Nathan Smith finished fifth, also shooting clean, 24.1 seconds back. Evgeniy Garanichev of Russia finished sixth, with one penalty, 45.6 seconds back.

Pursuit Women - Start

8. 2. 2015

Domracheva Wins Weather Battle in Pursuit

Darya Domracheva of Belarus over came blizzard conditions to win the women's pursuit in 35:22.3, with four penalties. Yellow-Bib wearing Kaisa Mäkäräinen of Finland finished second also with four penalties, 6.8 seconds back. Sprint winner Laura Dahlmeier of Germany finished third, with three penalties, 14.9 seconds back. Fourth went to Dahlmeier's teammate Vanessa Hinz, with two penalties, 24 seconds back. Local favorite Gabriela Soukalova finished fifth, also with two penalties, 3.2 seconds back. Ekaterina Glazyrina of Russia finished sixth, with three penalties, 34.5 seconds back.


7. 2. 2015

Biathlon Mania in NMNM

Biathlon mania hit NMNM, first two days of the VII. World Cup Round were visited by 65 thousand fans! But Biathlon Mania is also a great table game! You can buy it in official Fan-Shops in Vysočina Arena.





Men's podium

7. 2. 2015

Jakov Fak Sprints to Victory

Slovenia's Jakov Fak won for the first time this season and the fifth time in his career by taking the men's 10K sprint in 24:09. Germany's Simon Schempp finished second, 12.8 seconds back while France's Jean Guillaume Beatrix, 26 seconds back finished third. All of the men on the podium shot clean. France's Martin Fourcade, wearing the Yellow Bib finished fourth, with a single standing penalty, just .3 seconds behind his teammate. Fifth went to local favorite Michal Slesingr, who shot clean, another .4 seconds back. Russia's Anton Shipulin also shot clean but finished sixth, 29.5 seconds back.


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