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Snow distribution
Snow distribution

Cold weather on the Vysočina highland over the weekend enabled us to deliver technical snow from depot on track. The plan is to have courses ready for training right after Christmas. The first event to be held in the Vysočina Arena this season is the Czech Biathlon Cup on 28. and 29. December.

"We use every opportunity now to make snow. Cannons were running at full output till Friday evening. We managed to maintain tracks up to the tunnelsunderpassing the road to Vlachovice. This means that the tracks for the FIS World Cup events are now ready," said the OC Vice-president for technical issuesVlastimil Jakeš. 
Czech national team members Ondřej Moravec and Michal Šlesingr are going to arrive to Nové Město straight after Christmas holidays in order to continue their biathlon training towards the Olympic Games in Sochi. "All members of the Junior national biathlon team are expected to arrive in Nové Město too as they are now entering the final training stage towards the World Championships in the USA. On top we'll see more athletes who will take part in the Czech NationalBiathlon Cup events. Same we expects some more XC skiers. All in all, there will be some really busy days in the Vysočina Arena towards the end of the year," concluded Jakeš.
Right after the FIS XC Skiing World Cup in Sprint distances is over, the 2-kilometre loop will have to be quickly extend up to 4 kilometres because of the upcoming European Biathlon Championships. "This situation is nothing we wouldn't be used to. We shall handle everything without any big problems," comments Jakeš about the short time his team will have for preparations in between the two events.

Jiří Pošvář, Jan Skřička

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