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Slavic Cup
Slavic Cup

There’s a busy programme ahead of Nové Město organizers at the beginning of the New Year. Despite the warm Christmas weather, the 2.5 km course is being fully used for training and racing both by cross-country skiers and biathletes. On the first weekend of 2014, on 4.–5. January, the Vysočina Arena will welcome participants of the 2nd round of the six-round cross-country skiing series – the Slavic Cup, that was originally scheduled to take place in Jablonec nad Nisou.

"There is no snow in Jablonec at present . There are possibilities to do skiing up on Mísečky, but there are no organizers available at the time of the event. This resulted in the decision to move the event to the Vysočina Arena,” said Josef Krška , the chairman of the Nové Město sports club. It has been necessary for the organizers to adjust the time schedule of the Slavic Cup, as it collides with the Czech Youth Cup in biathlon. The young biathletes will compete in the morning hours, while the Slavic Cup races will be held in the afternoon.

The Sprint distance events will be held over 1300 meters long track for the women and over 1600 meters long track for the men. Sunday's distance events in Classic technique over 10 km for women and 15 km for men will be raced on the 2.5 km loop. "The events will test our readiness towards the World Cup, which takes place in Nové Město a week later," added Krška .

The Slavic Cup was not originally planned for Nové Město this season. The series, which have two more stops in Poland and two in Slovakia were a part of the Golden Ski event last season though. 

The programme of the Slavic Cup series after the Nové Město events:

  • 8.–9. February, Zakopane, Poland
  • 14.–16. February, Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia
  • 8.–9. March, Wisla Kubalonka, Poland
  • 22.–23. March, Kremnica, Skalka, Slovakia

Friday 3. 1. 2014      

16.00–17.30  Official Training
15.00–17.00 Registration
17.30–18.15 Team Captains Meeting

Saturday 4. 1. 2014 

9.00–10.20 Registration
11.00–11.45 Czech Cup Meeting
12.00–12.50 Training
13.00  FIS Slavic Cup – Women, Men Qualification – Free technique 1.3 km & 1.6 km, 15 sec. start interval
14.00 Youth Czech Cup – start 2.0 km prologue Youth Women – Free, 15 sec. start interval
14.20  Youth Czech Cup – start 2.5 km prologue Youth Men – Free, 15 sec. start interval
15.00  FIS Slavic Cup, Sprint Finals
16.15 FIS Slavic Cup, Prize-giving ceremony
16.45–17.30 FIS Meeting
17.30–18.15 Czech Cup Meeting

Sunday 5. 1. 2014    

11.30–12.20 Course re-design to Classic
12.30–13.20 Training
13.30 Start FIS Slavic Cup, Men 15 km Classic
14.30  Start FIS Slavic Cup, Women 10 km Classic 
15.30  FIS Slavic Cup, Prize-giving ceremony 
15.10  Czech Cup Youth Men (older) – 10 km Classic Mass Start 
15.45  Czech Cup Youth Women (older) – 7.5 km Classic Mass Start 
16.15  Czech Cup Youth Men (younger) – 7.5 km Classic Mass Start 
16.45 Czech Cup Youth Women (younger) –5 km Classic Mass Start
17.15 Prize Giving Cermenony

Jiří Pošvář, Jan Skřička

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