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Schurter achieved a golden hattrick in Vysočina Arena + RESULTS + PICTURES

Nino Schurter coming to the finish line
Nino Schurter coming to the finish line
(Foto: Michal Červený, MTBS.cz)

Nino Schurter is riding in Nové Město na Moravě quite masterfully. Hi didn't find a defeater at the local track since 2012 and today completed the hattrick. Czech bikers had a bad day, the best of them was in 24th place Jan Skarnitzl, who was after more than a month injury break significantly restricted in his preparation.

King of Vysočina Schurter has an incredible statistics on the course in Nové Město. In addition to the last three victories he also finished second in 2011 (when Jaroslav Kulhavý achieved to win the race). "Today's victory was hard. I must say that the fans were just wonderful and sometimes also insane, I'm very happy to race in such conditions. And this track suits me, so I love coming back" said Schurter, who was in the finish line quite confidentlz ahead of the second Stéphane Tempier of France. Because of the big lead, Schurter could afford to ride the last meters with his hands above his head. Third came Moritz Milatz of Germany.

Bad luck met Czech Ondřej Cink, who paid the price for a flat tyre in the very first round. Although he fought hard, he only managed to finish in 46th. A flat did not avoid even the biggest Czech hope Jaroslav Kulhavý. When he struggled more mechanical problems in the second half of the race he decided to give up the fight.

Men Elite: 1. Schurter (SUI) 1:28:33, 2. Tempier (FRA) -8, 3. Milatz (GER) -14, 4. McConnell (AUS) -28, 5. Absalon (FRA) -29, 6. Hermida (ESP) -47, ...24. Škarnitzl (CZE) -4:48, 27. Hynek (CZE) -5:28, 38. Ulman (CZE) -6:32, 46. Cink (CZE) -7:07, 61. Novák (CZE) -8:52, 64. Nesvadba (CZE) -9:25, 72. Eberl (CZE) -10:44, Kulhavý (CZE) DNF.
World Cup Standings (After Round 3): 1. Absalon 640, 2. Hermida 410, 3. McConnell 400, ...11. Cink 282, 34. Kulhavý 95, 47. Škarnitzl 58, 51. Hynek 52, 68. Ulman 30.


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