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Premiere with question marks and Czech thirteen

Czech Team
Czech Team
(Foto: Michal Červený, Český biatlon)

At the world premiere of the Single Mixed Relay the Czech couple Eva Puskarčíková and Michal Krčmář finished at 13th place. Since the very beginning was in the lead German duo Luisse Kummer and Erik Lesser. But the Olympic silver medalist from Individual Race failed during the final shooting and three penalty loops sent the Germans to the fourth place. The Russians won (Jana Romanova and Alexei Volkov), second were Norwegians (Marte Olsbu and Henrik L'Abee Lund) and third Ukrainians (Juliya Dzhyma and Artem Tyščenko).

Eva Puskarčíková was seventh after the first item, as well as after the second. Michal Krčmář arrived to the shooting range in sixth. But he kept missing one target after another. He finally hit the fourth and then another, but had to take three penalty loops.

"Well, it was a disaster," said Michal Krčmář. "Unfortunately, I was late to react on strong gust of wind," explained his bad luck. The Czechs were in sixteen, after Michal's clean prone  jumped about three places up in continuous results.

Several more penalty loops brought the Czech couple to the finish in thirteenth place. Michal Krčmář said about the race, which was in the World Cup program for the very firts time: „When you make mistakes in the shooting range, this race is really tought. But generally it is really fast and as well as down when you miss, you can get very quickly back to the race, if you have clean stop at the range. Also, I want to thank the spectators, who made the atmosphere just breathtaking and unforgottable“.

Eva Puskarčíkova commented the race a bit differently: „Well, it felt a bit chaotic to me, more like an exhibition than a real race“. Her opinion confirmed also the Czech coach Zdeněk Vítek: „It was just chaos. Let’s see what the IBU says about the premiere“. Also the Norwegian coach Stian Eckhoff had an inconsistent opinion: „Today it was more like shooting competition, not really a biathlon.“ 

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