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Norway and Russia take Team Sprints in Nove Mesto

(Foto: Michal Červený)

Maiken Caspersen Falla and Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg are winners again in the ladies' team sprint in the Czech Republic.  They won in Liberec one year ago and again today in Nove Mesto.  For the men it was a repeat of the Asiago podium with Russia I just out sprinting Norwegian team's 1 and 2 on the homestretch for the victory.


In the ladies' competition it was a battle between Norway, Finland and Russia on the final leg with Oestberg of Norway turning on the turbo on the final climb to secure the victory.  The Finnish team of Mona-Lisa Malvelehto and Aino-Kaisa Saarinen hung on for second place just ahead of the Russia II team of Evgenia Shapovalova and Julia Ivanova.  For the Finns it was their 10th podium in the last 12 team sprint competitions in the classic technique.  

On the men's side Russia repeated their victory from Asiago just before Christmas, but it was the first time Nikita Kriukov and Maxim Vylegzhanin teamed up together.  Just like Asiago it was again Norway on the podium in the second and third place positions.  In second was Norway I with Eldar Roenning and Eirik Brandsdal, and in third Norway II with Paal Golberg and Ola Vigen Hattestad.  This was the fourth time that Norway has had two teams on the podium and counts are the 11th and 12th podium in the past 9 World Cups in the team sprint in classic technique. 



Maiken Caspersen Falla (NOR)
I am of course very happy about the result today. I felt much better than in Asiago. Ingvild had a great day and skied amazingly.

Mona-Lisa Malvalehto (FIN)
I am happy with today’s result. My shape has been good. Of course we always aim for the victory but to win in such a tough competition requires that everybody has her best day. But I am happy for the second place

Evgenia Shapovoalova (RUS II)
It feels great to be on the podium today. We had a great day. I was pushing hard to stay in touch with the leading group. I felt sorry for Natalia (Matveeva) when she fell. But such things happen in the sprints. It was a great day for Russia.

Nikita Kriukov (RUS)
I felt much better than yesterday. It was my first time skiing with Maxim. It gives us great confidence going to Sochi.

Eirik Brandsdal (NOR)
My shape was good and I am happy with the result. A few centimetres were missing on Kriukov. I do not like losing in the finish. Nikita way very strong. It was cool to have such tight fights.

Paal Golberg (NOR)
I felt much better than yesterday. It was my first competition since Lillehammer. I did not know how my shape was. It was pretty good day. It was icy and it was not easy to find a good kick. In the last leg we broke away and gained some meters.



1. NORWAY I 20:58.47
2. FINLAND 21:02.27
3. RUSSIA II 21:03.03
4. RUSSIA I  21:24.48
5. NORWAY II 21:25.17
7. SLOVENIA 21:33.88
8. SWEDEN II 21:38.16
9. SWITZERLAND 21:43.91
10. FRANCE 21:53.34



1. RUSSIA I 22:03.89
2. NORWAY I 22:04.11
3. NORWAY II 22:05.67
4. CZECH REPUBLIC I 22:17.63
6. GERMANY I 22:18.24
7. SWITZERLAND I 22:24.82
8. FRANCE I 22:25.97
9. ITALY I 22:30.36
10. SWEDEN II 22:54.21

Complete results are available HERE


Source: FIS, www.fis-ski.com


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