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A photo from the start of Czech MTB Champs 2014
A photo from the start of Czech MTB Champs 2014
(Foto: MTBS.cz)

Cloud 9. This is where every true Czech fan of mountain biking will sit soon! The 2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě has not only attracted all top XC riders of the world, but prompted other organizers to create an interesting event for riders, too. This is true especially about the Pražské schody 2015 race and Český pohár XCO (Czech Cup XCO).

Viktor Zapletal, the organizer of the second round of the Czech Cup in Prague - Řepy, says: "Foreign teams showed their interest in taking part in Český pohár so we tried to accommodate their demands as much as possible. Both top teams and individual riders wishing to take advantage of the fact that it takes place shortly before the races in Nové Město and its not too far away, either, have been registering," Zapletal added.

The event of the top domestic series of MTB races is ranked in the C1 category, and is taking place on May 17, exactly a week before the World Cup round in Nové Město na Moravě. And this naturally proves to both organizers' and riders' advantage. The actual word available has it that teams such as Multivan Merida, Trek Factory, Bianchi i.Idro Drain or Kross Racing are planning to appear in Prague. This means that fans can be looking forward to international top stars, such as Gunn Rita Dahle, Maja Wloszczowska, Emily Batty, Daniel McConell, Gerhard Kershbaumer, Sergio Mantecon or Thomas Litscher... and complete Czech cream as well. It will be for the first time this year that Ondřej Cink (Multivan Merida), Jan Vastl (Bianchi i.Idro Drain), and Jan Škarnitzl (Sram Mitas Trek) appear on a domestic course. And Jaroslav Kulhavý (Specialized Racing) is certain to wish to follow up on his victory in Teplice. In a word, Řepy will be full of glitter of MTB superstars.

It is supposable, though, that many more foreign teams and riders will be waiting for the signal at the start of Český pohár. That is because on Tuesday, May 19, the Pražské schody urban race shall take place. And though the organizers of the 22nd year of the race have not revealed the names of the stars who will line up at the starting line in Nerudova Street, we can be sure that their invitations will not be sparse.

It is obvious that everybody is looking out impatiently for the beginning of the World Cup. Most of the top teams will leave Prague and head directly for Nové Město na Moravě to have a close look at Vysočina Aréna and the forests that surround it.

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