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Mona Brorsson gives gold to Sweden

Women's 1st prone shooting.
Women's 1st prone shooting.

Mona Brorsson of Sweden with almost the best pursuit race (she was 2nd behind Podchufarova by 1.1″) won the women’s pursuit in European Championships at Nove Mesto and gave a loud slap to Swedish Olympic Committee which refused to send Swedish female team to Sochi. 

And her performance proves that is quite impossible to predict in certainty who is capable or not as for a good performance in big events.


2nd behind her the new Biathlon Star: Victoria Padial Hernandez proved to be a great athlete! She races with a brilliant strategy, she didn’t quit her effort even when she felt back 7th, she had scored 85% and had enough strength to keep her silver medal ahead of the Russians and Norwegians chasing her. Congratulations Victoria! for your lonely effort all those years.. And I know that you will read this.. So you deserve double cheers!


3rd had finished Daria Virolainen of Russia with 4 errors and the 3rd best pursuit performance but in the last lap didn’t have more strength to cover 16″ time margin to the leaders.


Top 6 has been completed with Anna Nikulina with 4 errors, Bente Lendheim with 4 errors and Jaquemine Baud of France with 3 errors and losing the medal in the last lap.


Source: Biathlonews.com

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