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In less than a month starts the UCI MTB World Cup 2015. It will be launched in Nové Město!

Press conference one month before the race
Press conference one month before the race
(Foto: Jan Němec)


Only a month lasts until the first starting shot of this year’s MTB World Cup which will be held in Nové Město na Moravě. Organizing team revealed several pieces of news, which can be awaited by the competitors as well as spectators.

"We feel that the people are expecting every year some news and improvements. And because we want to bring the visitors and teams in Vysočina Arena plentiful of experiences, this year we have again prepared several minor enhancements," said Petr Vanek, Secretary General of the Organizing Team of the World Cup, which has been four times in a row rewarded by the UCI as the best World Cup venue of the season.

"We have a few adjustments on the race track. The first one is a double pit, which was requested by the UCI, but the circuit will remain with pretty much same length. The other news is that we are currently building two new technical passages. The first one is growing before the section called Rock'n'Roll. Cyclists were approaching this section pretty fast and we wanted to slow them down a bit. The second will be in the stadium, right under grandstands. Some rocks and logs, but nothing really heavy. This section will be called the Textra Swing (see the course plan here).

Technical sections in the forest are always packed with thousands of people. We love that atmosphere, but we wanted to prepare something for the Arena itself. In previous years it wasn’t very interesting place to watch the race. Cyclists were easily approaching the finish line, turning around and leaving towards the wood. All in high speed, no technical skills were needed. This year we want to bring some action to the Arena, too! To give the people a chance of watching the race right from the grandstand, see some technical action and watch the entire race on giant screen placed next to the finish line, "said Vanek.

For the spectators are prepared several attractions. The highlights are the Red Bull Air Show or the Bike school by popular Czech rider Josef Dressler, who will teach volunteers how to ride difficult sections of the World Cup track. Those who want to take part in the race program are welcome to participate in the Birell Bike Vysočina public marathon or the evening Toi Toi MTB Night Race. “On Saturday will only be held the Women U23 race and so the visitors will have plenty of time to enjoy the Team Zone, walk around the exhibitors stands and also have a drink at the Mitas Night Party”, added Vanek.

For those who want to enjoy a flowy ride without competing will be all weekend available the new singletrail center with more than 30 km of precisely shaped trails.

Tickets are on sale. Entrance for Saturday program is free, Sunday costs 250 CZK in presale. Door price is 50 CZK higher.

You can find the full WC program here, main parts of the program as follows:


Saturday 23.5.

9:00 - Birell Bike Vysočina public marathon
16:30 - UCI MTB World Cup - Women U23
21:00 - Toi Toi MTB Night Race
22:00 - Mitas Night Party

Sunday 24.5.

9:00 - UCI MTB World Cup - Men U23
11:15 - UCI MTB World Cup - Women Elite
14:15 - UCI MTB World Cup - Men Elite

Jan Němec

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