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First competition day in Nové Město will be super-attractive

Mixed Relay Start
Mixed Relay Start

Severely attractive contest will be served to all spectators in the Arena and by the TV screens during the first World Cup race in Nové Město. On Friday at 15:10 will start the Single Mixed Relay. In fact, it is scheduled in the official World Cup programme for the very firts time! A year ago, spectators in Holmenkollen, Oslo saw this type of contest as the last race of the season. But as a matter of fact, this event is definitely not a novelty. Since 2002, this attractive concept is regularly held after the Christmas holidays in the Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. A new discipline was recently also part of the program during the biathlon exhibition in Moscow.

This type of competition is this year in the World Cup scheduled only once, in Nové Město. "We are extremely happy that we managed to get this discipline into our program. The race will be truly dramatic, for the spectators as well as for the athletes. It is also somewhat different from other biathlon disciplines, because ninety percent of the action takes place right at the stadium and spectators will have a perfect view," said the Director of Competitions Mr. Vlastimil Jakes.

Favorites of the race can be found also among the Czech Team which currently has rarely balanced squad of men and women. "Very important will be how the teams assemble their members. Because Single Mixed Relay is direcly  followed by another relay race - the Mixed Relay with two women and two men on the start line. There is not too many teams that have three superb biathletes in men and also in women. Some teams may have troubles with their nomination. We expect the first day will be our Arena sold out and experience a terrific atmosphere, "believes Jakeš.

Direct link for the Gelsenkirchen competiton to be found here: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Team_Challenge.

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