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Changes in the Nové Město BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup programme

The International Biathlon Union and the European Broadcasting Union followed the demands of TV companies and decided to change the programme of the World Cup 2016/2017 Round 3 scheduled to Nové Město na Moravě, which has now grown one day longer.

Four days of racing instead of three

The programme in Vysočina Arena will not be over three, but four days! Friday's original programme with two Sprints in now divided into two days. Round 3 of the series thus begins on Thursday 15 December with Men's Sprint over 10 km. Women's Sprint over 7.5 km will be held the day after on Friday 16 December. "As organizers, we could do nothing about the proposed changes," says the head of the organizing committee Jiří Hamza.

Already sold tickets valid for both days

The LOC tried to follow-up the programme reorganization so that biathlon fans could actually benefit from the change. "All tickets that have already been purchased for the original Friday's programme with two Sprints remain in effect for the rescheduled race on Thursday," says Jiří Hamza. The same principle is also applied in case of the VIP tickets.


Those still interested in ticket purchase can now buy the tickets for both Thursday and Friday separately. The original price of 550 CZK For sectors A, B, C, D and E1 has been lowered to 350 CZK with single competition day programme. Tickets for the E2 sector now cost a mere 275 CZK instead of the original 450 CZK.

Track ticket sales started

In course of October the LOC started sales of tickets to selected sectors along the tracks. These selected sectors will provide full spectating comfort - perfect overview of the racing through big screens transmitting the TV signal, sound with commentary, stands with refreshment as well as sufficient amount of mobile toilets. "On top, we will build mobile grandstands for even better overview of the racing in all these sections," concludes Jiří Hamza.


Track tickets for races on Thursday and Friday are at 150 CZK, the ticket price for racing day on the weekend is 200 CZK.

New schedule of the Nové Město WC 2016

Thursday, 15. 12. Sprint Men - 17:30.
Friday, 16. 12. Sprint Women - 17:30
Saturday, 17. 12. Pursuit: Men - 15:00 / Women - 17:30
Sunday, 18. 12. Mass Start: Men - 11:45 / Women - 14:15


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